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Renal Cyst Drainage

Renal cysts, small sacs filled with fluid, can form in the kidneys as people grow older. These cysts are nearly always benign, and may not cause any symptoms or problems. If your doctor notices a cyst when doing a ultrasound, CT (computer tomography) scan, or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, but you haven't noticed any pain, fever, frequently urination, or blood in your urine, nothing needs to be done. A follow-up scan every year will be sufficient to watch for changes.

If the cyst causes pain or other problems, our doctors can perform renal cyst drainage or aspiration, in which a thin needle is inserted into the cyst using fluoroscopic (live x-ray) guidance to precisely locate the cyst. Then the clear fluid is drawn out of the cyst. Sometimes, it may also be necessary to inject a sclerosing material to destroy the cyst so it will not refill.

Renal cyst drainage is a needle-based procedure that our doctors perform at our freestanding facility. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and no overnight stay is required.

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